2016 Annual Conference Presentations

Truth in Taxation Statement & Tax Commissioner’s Office Update
Senator Dwight Cook
Linda Leadbetter
Terry Traynor

Nuts & Bolts of Planning & Zoning in Rural Communities
Scott Harmstead

NDIRF: Cyber Security Issues
Brad Miller

Open Records & Open Meeting Laws
Sandra DuPountis

Process & Status of Urban Street Needs Study of the 14 Largest Cities
Tim Horner

Putting Social Media to Work in Your City
Dot Frank

Legislative & State Budget Update
Sheila Peterson

Keeping the Workplace Safe – Emerging Challenges
Aaron Birst

Fair Labor Standards Act & Family and Medical Leave Act Update
Commissioner Troy Seibel

Financing Options for Cities

DeAnn Ament
Kelvin Hullet
Jolene Kline
Bonnie Malo
Jeffrey Mattern

Blighted Housing: What Can Your City Do?
Keith Johnson

Addressing Drug Use/Opioids in Our Cities Panel
Kurt Snyder

Other resources:
Patricia Arnold, Assistant Director, Safe and Healthy Schools, ND Dept. of Public Instruction
She can provide information for school staff
328-2265, parnold@nd.gov

Massachusetts Municipal Association Obligation to Lead

Recommended Book: Dreamland by Sam Quinones

Narcan Sale Information from National League of Cities

Legal Panel: Home Rule & Special Assessments
Eric Johnson
John Shockley

Project Delivery: Then, Now, and Tomorrow
Keith Hunke
Shawn Kessel
Kent Olson
Mayor Mike Seminary