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CITYScan is the official publication of the North Dakota League of Cities

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About Our Magazine

CITYScan was established in 1932 by the North Dakota League of Cities. It is written specifically for city and park district officials and is designed to promote best municipal practices.

CITYScan is sent to all cities, legislators, state agencies, libraries and other subscribers.

The appearance and content of CITYScan continue to attract readers and we frequently receive positive comments such as, “I don’t usually have time to read many ‘extra’ things at work but I always give CITYScan a thorough reading.”

That's good news for our advertisers and our membership and we are committed to continued improvements.

In CITYScan, our readers regularly find information about technology, cost-saving ideas, innovative programs, leadership issues and products and services that help city leaders increase the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal operations.

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CITYScan is published 10 times each year. The publication schedule is January, February, March, April-May, June, July, August, September-October, November and December.

CITYScan is mailed by the first day of the month. The closing date for advertising orders is the first of the month preceding publication. No cancellations can be accepted after the closing date for each issue.


Advertisements are accepted with the understanding that all matter contained within must comply with U.S. postal regulations and other federal and state laws, rules and regulations.

The North Dakota League of Cities reserves the right to decline or reject advertising that it deems unsuitable, without liability.

The League reserves the right to determine positioning of advertisements within CITYScan.