What are the duties of the city board of equalization?
The city board of equalization is responsible for equalizing the assessment role within the city. It may change the valuation and assessment of any real property upon the roll by increasing or diminishing the assessed valuation as is reasonable and just in order to make taxation uniform. The valuation of any property returned by the assessor may not be increased by more than twenty-five percent without first giving the owner notice of the intention of the board to increase it. The notice must state the time when the board will be in session to act upon the matter and must be given by personal notice served upon the owner or the owner’s agent or by leaving a copy at the owner’s last known place of residence. (NDCC 57-11-03)

During the session of the city board of equalization, any person feeling aggrieved by anything in the assessment roll may apply to the board for the correction of the alleged errors, and the board may correct the errors as it may deem just. (NDCC 57-11-04)

The board of equalization shall add to the assessment roll any real property subject to taxation that has been omitted by the assessor and shall enter the property at a valuation that will bear a just proportion of the taxation. (NDCC 57-11-05)

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