Leadership Exchange

Being a city official isn't for the faint of heart. Not only are there rules and regulations you are expected to know the moment you take office, but dealing with the public presents its own set of rewards and challenges. Remember what it was like?

Although there are many training opportunities available and plenty of people will be standing by to give a newly elected or appointed official their advice, sometimes the greatest knowledge can be gained by talking with someone who is walking in your shoes.

Leadership Exchange is a League mentorship program designed to connect newly elected or appointed officials with experienced city officials.

The league is looking for you.
The League is seeking leaders from cities of all sizes and locations to participate.

Any elected or appointed city official that has completed 200+ hours of the Leadership Training Program. (Innovator, Visionary, Leader, and 100% levels have been completed.)

Mentees: Any elected or appointed city official looking for guidance on becoming an effective leader for their North Dakota community.

Steps might include:
A welcome phone call to the new individual 
periodic phone calls to answer questions. The new city official is also encouraged to call with questions. 
extending an invitation to meet and discuss the unique challenges of being an elected or appointed official.


For more information, contact Jennifer at Jennifer@ndlc.org.