Records Retention and Disposal


Annual Records Disposal 

Due May 31, 2024

(City Offices)

Retention schedule information is available online at The calculated disposal dates are included on the online schedules. Additionally, the schedule can by searched by record series title (keywords), or by city office (using “City Government” as the Department, then specific office, i.e. “City Auditor”, in the Division field).

The record disposal reports are on the North Dakota League of Cities’ website at There is a separate records disposal report for each city office and record series from the general schedule are included on each office’s disposal report. The records disposal reports contain separate fields next to each record series for reporting total paper volume (i.e. in inches), and/or electronic volumes (i.e. in megabytes) that is being disposed. 

Please complete the disposal reports and send them to Stephanie at NDLC either through email at or by mail at 410 E. Front Ave., Bismarck, ND 58504 by May 31st 2024. The disposal information is used by North Dakota ITD Records Management when they report yearly to the Legislature.

The retention schedule should reflect records that exist in city offices. If a record in your office appears to be missing from the retention schedule or the description of a record series seems off, please contact either Stephanie (701-223-3518 or or Dawn at NDIT Records Management (701-328-3592 or to discuss updating the retention schedule.

If you have any records that must be transferred to the State Archives, please contact Shane Molander (701-328-3570) or Ann Jenks (701-328-2090) to make arrangements for the transfer. Electronic records require special procedures for transferring to the State Archives.  See the information on the State Historical Society’s website:   A transfer of records to the State Archives will require extra time.  Please be sure to schedule the transfer of records well in advance of May 31st deadline. This will ensure that you complete your records disposal on time and that the State Archives has time to process the records.

If any questions arise during your disposal process, please contact Stephanie (701-223-3518 or or Dawn at NDIT Records Management (701-328-3592 or