Auditor's Certification Program

A new requirement was introduced and passed during the 2017 Legislative session. The new state law (NDCC 40-16-03.18) requires city auditors, within one year of assuming office, to attend training based on a curriculum set by the NDLC. 

The program curriculum is developed within Lessonly, which is a web-based platform providing the learner with the ability to have a flexible and independent schedule. The program is made up of several courses containing information, training and resources. Each course includes multiple lessons and quizzes and additional reference material for future use. Each course requires a 75% passing grade, when the passing grade is achieved a certificate of completion is provided for personal records. The course can be completed at your own pace but there is a one-year deadline requirement. The information and resources in each completed course remain accessible to the learner for future reference. 

The courses will be available for new city auditors and existing city auditors. The fee is $180.00 for all six training courses or $30 per course. 

Course Outline

Course 1: The Basics- Designed to go over essential skills needed for the city auditor’s position.

Course 2: Taxes and Budgeting- Touches on the processes for property tax calculations, project management and budgeting.

Course 3: Meetings and Records- Explains and outlines the laws and procedures for open meetings and records and the requirements for records retention.

Course 4: Human Resources- Provides basic information on laws and policies that affect employment and the payroll process. 

Course 5: Communications- Reviews the key points and importance of communication, not only written and oral but also electronic.

Course 6: Audits- The basics of what to expect during an audit and preparations.

Click here to register for the auditor’s certification program. When your registration is complete you will receive an email with login information, please allow one business day for login information to be sent.