Below are samples of different municipal documents that have been shared by North Dakota cities. Please note that these are not documents drafted by or provided by the ND League of Cities. Before adopting or utilizing any sample provided below, it should be reviewed by your city attorney.

Job Advertisements

City Assessor
City Auditor
Police Chief
Public Works Supervisor
Summer Help


911 Addressing
ATVs in City
Boulevard Maintenance
Building Materials in a Residential Zone
Bulk Water Policies
Dangerous Animals
Depositing Snow on City Streets
Dogs & Cats
Farm Animals in City
Farm Animals in City (Casselton)
Farm Animals in City (Mapleton)
Farm Animals in City - Chickens (Center)
Farm Equipment and Chemicals Within City Limits
Food Trucks
Garbage, Refuse & Rubbish
Junk Vehicles
Municipal Tree Ordinance
Noxious Weeds
Off-Road Vehicles in City Limits
Overnight Camping in Parks
Park Ordinances
Parking Motor Vehicles on Streets
Parking Vehicles, Tanks and Containers with Hazerdous Materials
Prohibiting Medical Marijuana Facilities
Sump Pump Use
Taxi Driver Ordinances
Utility Charges - Landlord Responsibility
Water Service Line Maintenance
Weight Restrictions on Streets
Winter Parking

You can also find the ordinances for several North Dakota cities at


ACH Form - Burlington
ACH Form - Kenmare
Application for Alley Vacation - Carrington
Application for Street Closure - Underwood
Petition to Vacate a Portion of Alley - Grafton
Building Permit Application - Ellendale
Building Permit Application - Mapleton
Building Permit Application - Wishek
Calculating Special Assessment Principal-Interest Payoff
Cash Receipt Form - Forman
Complaint Form - Alexander
Complaint Form - Glen Ullin
Complaint Form - Glenburn
Complaint Form - Sawyer
Conditional Use Permit - Garrison
Conditional Use Permit - Mapleton
Conditional Use Permit - Watford City
Demolition Permit - Crosby
Demolition Permit - Tioga
Employee Discipline Form - Ellendale
Employment Application - Lidgerwood
Evaluation Form for Auditor - Sawyer
Evaluation Form for Public Works - Sawyer
Excavation Permit - Belfield
Excavation Permit - Mapleton
Excavation Permit - Watford City
Expense Reimbursement - Carrington
Expense Reimbursement - Forman
Expense Reimbursement - Rugby
Expense Reimbursement - Watford City
Fence Permit Application - Sherwood
Garbage Contract Bid Notice and Specifications - Underwood
Housing Incentive Application - Valley City
Oath of Petitioners - Grafton
Parking Citation - Riverdale
Residential Water Customer Form - Glen Ullin
Returned Check Letter - Beach
Returned Check Letter - Belfield
RV Park Rental Agreement - Garrison
Transient Permit - Belfield
Transient Permit - Ellendale
Transient Merchant Application- Glen Ullin
Transient Merchant Application - Runner - Glen Ullin
Vehicle Storage Agreement - Dickey County
Water Shut Off Request - Mapleton

Liquor License
Liquor License Application - Cooperstown
Liquor License Renewal Application - Cooperstown
Special Liquor License Application - Glen Ullin
Liquor License Application - Mapleton
Application for Special Event Permit - Oakes
Off Premises Special Event Permit - Oakes
Liquor License Application - Sawyer

Financial Statements
Published Financial Statements - Riverdale

Job Descriptions & Policy Manuals

Assistant City Administrator - Bismarck
Auditor - Carrington
Auditor - Kindred
Auditor - Lidgerwood
City Administrator - Bismarck
City Assessor - Stanley
City Assessor - Watford City
City Maintenance Worker - Lidgerwood
City Maintenance Worker - Wishek
City Superintendent - Cooperstown
City Superintendent - Garrison
City Superintendent - Mott
Deputy Auditor - Beach
Deputy Auditor - Carrington
Deputy Auditor - Casselton
Park & Recreation Director - Jamestown
Park & Recreation Director - Rugby
Public Works Laborer - Casselton

Policy Manual - Mott
Policy Manual - Underwood


Advertisement for Land Bids
Assessment - Cavalier
Cemetary Rules - Garrison
Cemetary Rules - Mapleton
Garbage, Refuse & Rubbish Clean-Up Letters
Garbage Rate Increase Notice - Golden Valley
Grants - Cavalier
Landfill Charges - Beach
Leadership Code
Mill Levy - Cavalier
Fence Guidelines - Casselton
Police Training Agreement - Stanley
Procurement and Purchasing Policy
Public Hearing for Zoning Change Notice - Garrison
Public Hearing for Zoning Change Notice - New Salem
Purchasing Laws Matrix
Purchasing Thresholds Matrix
Resolution of Bond for Auditor - Lidgerwood
Street Improvement Project Public Meeting Notice - Harvey
Water Rate Increase Notice - Golden Valley
Water Rate Increase Notice - Sawyer

Delinquent Water and Sewer Accounts