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Reasons Property Taxes May Change from Year to Year

NDIRF Incident Report

The North Dakota Leagues of Cities is pleased to announce that the results of the statewide planning and zoning issues and needs survey have been analyzed, consolidated, and are available here.

The ND League of Cities, ND Association of Counties, ND Township Officers Association and ND Planning Association will be collaborating on the development and roll-out of online planning education opportunities to address a need that was clearly identified in the survey results.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey. Your on-the-ground perspectives are invaluable and are already assisting us in assembling the slate of issues that we will be pursuing in the upcoming state legislative session. Addressing some of the larger and more complex issues identified in the survey will be an ongoing process. We hope that you will continue to be actively involved in legislative advocacy efforts as we move toward a more productive planning environment within the state.