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Joanna Drennen

The NDIRF was formed in 1986, in part by the NDLC, to provide a stable source of risk services to North Dakota’s local government when the insurance marketplace was unable to do so. Today, we provide liability, automobile, and public assets coverage to over 2,550 of North Dakota’s political subdivisions. 

We also administer the North Dakota Fire & Tornado Fund (NDFT) which provides property coverage for North Dakota state agencies and political subdivisions, and the State Bonding Fund, which provides employee fidelity risk coverage to state agencies and political subdivisions.

In 2020, we partnered with the South East Education Cooperative (SEEC) to create the North Dakota Public Health Insurance Trust (NDPHIT) which provides health coverage and ancillary benefit coverage to North Dakota’s political subdivisions. NDPHIT is a separate entity managed by Hays Companies and overseen by a board of directors comprised of a combination of NDIRF and SEEC members. 

Along with our broad coverages, we provide exceptional claims and loss control services, including in-person and online training as well as training resources. Contact Member Services Director Corey Olson at corey.olson@ndirf.com if you want to learn more about available training resources for your organization.

To learn more about the NDIRF, visit www.ndirf.com.