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Carey Kehler, History Book Print Consultant

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At Friesens Corporation, our vision is to help others share their best story with the world through the power of print. Founder and visionary leader D.W. Friesen founded the company in 1907 based on the principle and his own core belief: “We will be successful if our customers are successful.” 

In keeping with that principle, Friesens employee owners attain to a higher standard and have had a long-standing proven commitment to excellence. We understand how critical it is to celebrate your unique story by preserving your history in print. Whether its community, corporate, business, or personal, let us help you document your story. Capturing your history in printed form will help you showcase the benefits and influence you have had on your community.

Friesens uses state-of-the-art equipment, within some of the most innovative production facilities in the world. With service and sales experts, tools to help gather photos and stories, scanning services, and a history book kit full of resources, we can assist you in your successful story-telling journey. 

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