RoxAnne Hoffarth

NDLC Executive Board
Title: City Auditor - Langdon
RoxAnne Hoffarth - 2021

RoxAnne Hoffarth was born and raised in Langdon, North Dakota. RoxAnne has three beautiful daughters, Skylee, Regan and Maci. Two of her daughters are grown and are making careers for themselves while Maci is in training but very eager to learn. RoxAnne has been serving the residents of Langdon since January 2012. She started as deputy auditor and is now the auditor. She enjoys her job even though there are challenges. RoxAnne completed the Rural Leadership of North Dakota (RLND) course and highly recommends it to anyone that has the opportunity to do so. She then became the president of the RLND alumni association. She is currently on the North Central Planning Board of Directors and on the Municipal Finance Officers Association board. RoxAnne represents cities over 2,500 in the northeast region. 


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